no. 25: redistricting, vespa, concussion, and a sale

a lot is going on

The shop is beautiful. I have had SO MUCH fun spending each day working in the space and meeting the people in the neighborhood who stop by. My friend Justin Thompson helped me out by putting a pine veneer over the window ledge and building a beautiful custom low shelf to run across the wall.

Everything this week is an extra 20% off with code THANKS20. I’d love to ship a ton of stuff out on Saturday. The code of course is good in-store, too, but I don’t know when we’ll be open again this week since we’re so busy with redistricting.

We’re deep right now in the process of redistricting, or redrawing the maps for political districts in our state including Congress, the Legislature, the Board of Education, and others. We only allotted two weeks for the entire special session, and it quickly became clear to everyone that it wouldn’t be enough time to draw fair maps AND go through the negotiation necessary to pass them. The speaker has said that if we don’t come to an agreement by Saturday, we will adjourn and wait until January to finish them. That’s not a great idea to me because it will put progressives at a disadvantage, it hurts candidates who are waiting to see what district they are in so they can run, and it will likely delay our state primary elections. It’s worth taking all the time we need to get these maps right, since we’ll be stuck with them for ten years, but there are obviously also political considerations and lots of reasons to get redistricting done.

I did something I have always wanted to do…I got a Vespa! I bought it from a friend.

I’ve already gone through a few tanks of gas, dropped it, given Alice some joyrides, and taken it to my favorite restaurants. It gets like 100 mpg and I am so excited to have a more eco-friendly transportation option for getting around town.

What else?

  • I was rear-ended in a hit and run accident and got whiplash, a concussion, and my car has been in the shop for about a month now. I also fell off the Vespa and went to the ER for what I thought was a broken bone in my hand, but was a sprain and contusion. The bruise!!!!!!! You wouldn’t believe.

  • The Executive Board took a large donation from a private donor to defer the cost of creating a mother’s room in the Capitol, and then Dan Hughes, Exec Board chair, gave away that room to a man for an office. I am extremely steamed about it. These people do nothing but talk about “pro-life” this and pro-family that, while turning their backs on women and working mothers every chance they get. People have called his office to ask that the room for nursing mothers be returned, and he and his staff have been nothing but rude. Is it not the most predictable and hypocritical thing on earth

  • Rewatching Always Sunny in Philadelphia on Hulu at night. It didn’t really age well?? Did it? Or is it comedy genius? Both?

  • Been eating at Yoshitomo like every day. Seriously

  • Alice started middle school.

  • I launched my reelection campaign and it was the most fun party. Photos of that next time.

  • Happy birthday dear Danny. It’s always Libra season to me.

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